Plastic case ADVANCED


Unbeatable combination of functionality and innovative design

  • Large selection of colours and individual design of the cases by screen print and foam inlays or thermoformed inserts

  • Suitable for continous use, handy and stable due to practical shape and innovative design

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Plastic cases – our stable and handy allrounder.

The extensive assortment available is due to practical indentations and 11 standard sizes suitable for different applications. Every model of these injection-moulded cases can be used as an elegant presentation case, product case or cases for assortments. Due to the practical format und the innovative design they are both handy and stable and suitable for continous use. Moreover they are made completely of recyclable polypropylene (PP).

The 11 standard sizes are available in various colours. Depending on requirement, application or customer wish we print the cases by screen printing with brand logo or product name. Additional every model can be customised by individually cutted foam inlays.

A stable and cost-effective allrounder for different applications. Closest to our heart is „Custom made“ perfection. That is why we combine the high quality of workmanship made in our own region (no import from Asia), with value for money and an efficient delivery service.
Choose your perfect fitting allrounder.

Multilayer foam cubes / pre-cut foam

  • Every outdoor case is available in standard with flexible, multilayer foam cubes / pre-cut foam

  • Standard is available for delivery immediately

Individual inlays

  • High quality inlay made of rigid foam with fine pours (PE)

  • Surface is coated (exclusively at TOMcase) for highest resistance

  • Custom-fit, precisely worked cut-outs made by water jetting method

Innovative design
Practical formats

Printing per screen print method
Individual design by foam or thermoformed inlays

ModelExternal dimensions (B x H x T)Internal dimensions (B x H x T)ColourPicture
A 25 48240 x 205 x 48 mm235 x 185 x 43 (30/13) mmBlack | Red | Blue | Transparent
A 26 44260 x 210 x 44 mm248 x 160 x 39 mmBlack | Dark Blue
A 26 60260 x 210 x 60 mm247 x 159 x 55 (35,5/19,5) mmBlack-Transparent (2-coloured)
A 26 76 260 x 210 x 76 mm247 x 159 x 71 mmBlack | Dark Blue
A 28 76280 x 240 x 76 mm272 x 215 x 73 (51/22) mmBlack frosted | Transparent
A 30 119320 x 280 x 119 mm312 x 250 x 115 (63/52) mmBlack | Red | Blue | Transparent
A 34 084337 x 290 x 84 mm332 x 245 x 78 mmBlack | Red | Dark Blue
A 37 121370 x 307 x 121 mm363 x 256 x 115 (83/32) mmBlack frosted | light gray | Transparent
A 38 103395 x 300 x 103 mm385 x 260 x 98 (55/43) mmBlack | Red | Blue
A 44 114448 x 364 x 114 mm439 x 315 x 108 mmBlack | Red | Dark Blue
A 51 130524 x 420 x 130 mm510 x 370 x 129 mmBlack | Red | Blue


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