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TOMcase is engaged in social projects for children and young people in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as a popular destination. But behind the scenes of white beaches there will be discovered countless people living in appalling conditions, poverty and drugs. Too much children and young people fall victim to drug addiction because of the lack of prospects. It is important, however, that young people find their way into life free from drugs and crime but with motivation and sense of community.

To give those children and young people their perspectives back, TOMcase is engaged in social projects found in dancing business of Sri Lanka since 2016. Especially competitive dancing „breakdance“ (also known as breaking) becomes well-known abroad and impresses the youth of Sri Lanka. TOMcase finances rooms for periodic workshops and sponsors international events. The sponsoring allows children and young people from all over Sri Lanka to participate in these workshops in different cities. So they get the possibility to gain an insight into the basics of breaking.

Dejan Majerle, member of TOMcase and married with his wife from Sri Lanka, actively participates in competitive dancing worldwide for more than ten years.
It is his project of the heart to lead through the workshops without being paid and also supporting an orphanage in Sri Lanka. Beside the workshops there are „battles“. The children and young people get the chance to participate in competitions, win some prize money and get the international stage.

15-year-old Hashan Pramoda did it in 2018! He was able to travel to the international qualifications for the Youth Olympic Games in Taipeh, Taiwan. It was the first time in Sri Lankan history that a young man living in poverty got the chance to gain some international experience by competitive dancing free of charge. Today Hashan is known from national TV-Shows and one of the famous people in Sri Lanka.
At TOMcase we are pleased to be able to support more children and young people of their life‘s journey by giving them a perspective.

Rise and Shine Event

Since 2017, TomCase has been supporting the Rise and Shine event in Sri Lanka. At Rise and Shine, dancers from all over the world come together to present their dance skills in the categories breakdance and freestyle. Training takes place in free workshops and volunteers from Germany, Holland and Nepal, for example, support the participants as DJs or jury members.

Due to the lockdown in Sri Lanka it is hardly possible for the dancers to earn money. In order to support the young talents, the Rise and Shine Event 2021 will take place as an online battle. The participants submit a video recording of their dance skills every week, which is then evaluated by an international jury of volunteers. TomCase will sponsor the prize money for the 6 best dancers in the categories freestyle boys, freestyle girls and breakdance. All completed battles will be published on the Facebook page of Rise and Shine Sri Lanka.


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