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With flexible interior individually adaptabler

  • Outdoor camera case with flexible interior offers a maximum of protection and comfort for professional equipment – perfect as a case for camera and photographer
  • Padded interior is flexibly adaptable for a maximum protection during transport and whilst being stored
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Professional camera case with padded interior
– flexibly adaptable for professional camera equipment –

Camera and photographer’s equipment and any multimedia equipment for industrial and leisure use is not only expensive but also very sensitive. That is the reason we designed our XTREME outdoor CAM cases for. The padded storage system, which contains one indentation with padded walls and velcro, makes it possible to change the configuration of the interior. The walls are made of soft foam, are padded ballistically and provided with a washable cover of nylon. The partition is suitable to organise your smaller and larger accessories and equipment. The gear can be stored inside the indentations and due to the walls the objects can be fixed safely. In this way your expensive equipment is protected, stowed away properly and ready for transport at any time!

High quality rigid foam with fine pours protects your expensive equipment. It remains fairly stored and transportable at all times.
The case is made from shock-resistant polypropylen, meets the military standard and assures a safe transportation by car, plane, or train. The label „STANAG 4280 – DEF STAN 81-41“ awarded by NATO makes the cases suitable for usage in photography, outdoor sports, military, special use, broadcast, manufacturing industry and every situation which needs high-class resistance against shocks and atmospheric impacts. The outdoor case is suitable for temperatures from -30°C until +90°C (-22°F until 194°F), meets the IP67 standard and is therefore 100% dust-, air- and waterproof. The hardcase is break-proof and comes with two-stage locks and loops to install padlocks. Further it comes with a padded carrying strap. A stable frame joints runs the entire case length and makes the case extraordinary solid. Brads made from nylon and glass fibre guarantee protection against corrosion. An automated equalising valve makes the case suitable for the transportation by plane. Wearing comfort is given by an ergonomic soft-handle.

Closest to our heart is „Custom made“ perfection. That is why we combine the high quality of workmanship made in our own region (no import from Asia), with value for money and an efficient delivery service. You choose from different colours and flexible, multilayered foam inset.
We would love to produce individual inlays well adapted for your product.

Inlay with flexible interior to adapt the case individually to your camera equipment.

The size of the indentations can be modified individually by velcro and due to its padded walls they offer a maximum of protection for camera, objective and plenty of accessories.

The knobbed foam in the lid of the case protects the equipment from all sides.
The surface of the walls is especially soft and can be used completely to fix the velcro.

Therefore the compartments can be adjusted in shape and size and offer even for large equipment the best storage space.

The outer frame of the CAM interior provides a robust cover made of nylon which makes it even more resistant against dirt or water.

The CAM inlays are suitable for both the robust transport in carry case or trolley case or for the adventurous backpacker with his multifunctional outdoor backpack.

Thus your expensive equipment is protected, stowed away properly and transportable at any time – perfectly equipped for any situation!

Cam cases with precisely cutted inlay from high quality rigid foam with fine pours with sealed surface covering (exclusively available at TOMCase) suitable for drone and equipment.

100% water-, dust- and airproof warranted by IP67.

XTREME durability and solid and appropriate to challenging situations.

Extensively tested (vibrations, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and shock resistance) and certified by „Militärbehörde für Standardisierungen“ with STANAG 4280 DEF-STAN 81-41

Stable frame joints over the entire case length

Enabled for flush stacking

Secure locks and loops to install padlocks.

Transportable by plane by automated equalising valve.

Large sizes available as trolley with integrated rolls and extendable handle

Additional protection through convoluted foam in the lid / optionally also with organizer pockets

Optional with padded carrying strap

Available with an inlay made from multilayered, flexible cube foam material for individual needs

Due to excellent, high value manufacturing standards our products are designed for permanent use

Proven quality by TOMcase with lifelong warranty given on the case (without inlay).

TypeExternal dimensionsInternal dimensionsWeightColourPicture
XT300 CAM336 x 300 x 148 mm300 x225 x 132 (99/33) mm1,6 kgblack, orange,
sahara, blue
XT380 H160 CAM414 x 345 x 174 mm380 x 270 x 160 (124/36) mm2,2 kgblack
XT430 CAM464 x 366 x 176 mm426 x 290 x 159 (114/45) mm2,7 kgblack, orange,
XT505 CAM555 x 428 x 211 mm500 x 350 x 194 (136/58) mm3,9 kgblack, orange,
XT505 CAM TR604 x 473 x 225 mm500 x 350 x 280 (222/58) mm4,9 kgblack, orange,
XT520 CAM574 x 361 x 225 mm520 x 290 x 200 (155/45) mm3,6 kgblack
XT520 CAM TR585 x 361 x 238 mm520 x 290 x 200 (155/45) mm5,1 kgblack
XT540 H245 CAM TR604 x 473 x 283 mm538 x 405 x 245 (195/50) mm6,9 kgblack, orange


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