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Aluminium cases

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Perfect elegance with maximum protection during transport and whilst being stored.

  • Our Aluminium cases are produced to the highest industrial standards which make them ideal for safe storage and transportation.

  • Due to a purpose built framework and our excellent manufacturing standards these boxes are extremely solid but at the same time ultralight.

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Aluminium cases – complete durabliaty and ultralight

Our aluminium cases are produced to the highest industrial standards making them the optimal solution for storage purposes and transportation. Available in different sizes. Due to the 1.0 mm thickness of the walls and a purpose-built framework these cases and boxes are extremely solid while remaining ultralight. Whilst in storage robust plastic (PVC) corners enable easy stacking. Inlaid rubber seals offer protection from splash water, dirt and dust during transit. Maximum safety is provided through our extremely solid hinge locks, complete with special holes for attaching paddlocks of your choice. The material is resistant to corrosion, weather and temperature and its design lends itself to diverse fields of application.

These ultralight and durable aluminium cases are also available in different colours and designs. Use as a Briefcase or smart accessory with invisible seams and a flush finish they add class to any activity. Their interior can be indivually designed to fit any needs due to our precise cutting technic used on the foam inlays.
Try for yourself! You´ll quickly be wanting more of these high class boxes and cases, that are superb to carry, store and travel with.

Closest to our heart is „Custom made“ perfection. That is why we combine the high quality of workmanship made in our own region (no import from Asia), with value for money and an efficient delievery service.So go ahead and find your perfect solution in our exceptional products.

Your benefits of the aluminium boxes „Profi“ at a glance:

  • Extremely solid due to the 1.0 mm wall thickness and a purpose-built framework
  • Protection from dust and splash water due to inlaid rubber piping
  • Resistant to corrosion, weather and temperature
  • Covered plastic handles with retracting springs
  • Robust plastic(PVC?) corners to enable flush stacking
  • Webbed inlay straps support the frames joints whilst open
  • Durable hinge locks with ready made holes for attaching padlocks or other locks of your choice

Mehrlagiger Würfelschaumstoff / Rasterschaumstoff

  • Alle Outdoor Koffer sind als Standard mit flexiblem, mehrlagigem Rasterschaumstoff (Würfelschaumstoff) erhältlich

  • Als Standard sofort lieferbar

Individuelle Schaumstoffeinlagen

  • Hochwertige Einlage aus feinporigem PE-Hartschaumstoff

  • Oberflächenversiegelt (exklusiv bei TOMcase) für höchste Widerstandsfähigkeit

  • Passgenaue, präzise gearbeitete Cut-Outs mittels Wasserstrahlverfahren

Umlaufende Gummidichtung im Profil
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Kantenschutz durch Stapelecken aus Kunststoff (bei Ausführung Aluminium Boxen "PROFI")
Elegant, leicht und stabil

ModelExternal dimensions (BxHxT)Internal dimensions (BxHxT)VolumeWeight
Profi 29432 x 335 x 277 mm400 x 300 x 245 mm29 Ltr.3,3 kg
Profi 47582 x 385 x 275 mm550 x 350 x 245 mm47 Ltr.4,6 kg
Profi 76582 x 385 x 410 mm550 x 350 x 380 mm76 Ltr.5,3 kg
Profi 91782 x 385 x 380 mm750 x 350 x 350 mm91 Ltr.6,2 kg
Profi 140902 x 495 x 380 mm870 x 460 x 350 mm140 Ltr.8,7 kg
Profi 157782 x 585 x 410 mm750 x 550 x 380 mm157 Ltr.9,0 kg
Profi 1631.182 x 385 x 410 mm1.150 x 350 x 380 mm163 Ltr.10,5 kg
Profi 240782 x 585 x 620 mm750 x 550 x 590 mm240 Ltr.10,7 kg
Profi 4151.192 x 790 x 515 mm1.160 x 755 x 485 mm415 Ltr.17,5 kg


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