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Carrying Case FPV Mavic Mini Drones


for DJI FPV Racing drone and many accessories

  • Waterproof transport cases for FPV Mavic Mini drones, multifunctional inlays and practical backpacks ensure maximum comfort combined with flexible handling.

  • Also with high-quality inserts made of fine-pored rigid foam, precisely cut for maximum protection during storage and transport

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Professional transport case for racing DJI FPV drone pilots

The Premium Model XT505 “Ready to Fly” Outdoor Case provides maximum protection for storage and transportation. The multi-piece inlay offers two independent inserts in the top and bottom of the case.The top insert on the left is designed for copters and smaller accessories. The upper insert on the right provides space for remote control, VR goggles, multiple flight batteries, a goggle battery and other accessories. The lower levels consist of a universal insert on the left, which is suitable for an iPad Pro 11″, and an insert on the right for additional equipment such as the motion controller, another goggle battery and the additional “Recharge batteries in the case” function: Hereby 1×3 batteries can be charged lying in the case. The compartment offers enough space for multi-charger (equipped with 3 batteries) with connected power supply and connection cable. “Ready to Fly”: The drone can be stowed safely and securely in the case with propellers mounted and/or DJI protective struts mounted (cross-connection of the boom arms). Just take it out and fly away. The FPV compartment is designed with the mounted propellers inside the inlay, preventing uninhibited rotation of the propellers. The drone can be stored in the inlay both with and without the original gimbal protection. All parts remain optimally protected and can still be easily removed.

The “Multiflex” transport cases are available in sizes M and L and are particularly characterized by their flexible usage options. The flexible interior division consists of a frame and several dividers made of padded nylon, which are suitable for any apparatus. Here, variable compartments can be easily, quickly and safely adapted to the transported goods. The dividers are easily fixed via Velcro and can thus be brought in any conceivable position. The lid is equipped with a nubby foam and additionally protects the equipment during storage and transport.

The urban member of our product line is the FPV “Ready to Fly” Backpack Large.This professional outdoor backpack brings together the comfortable features of a drone case and the sporty design in a practical carry-on size – which allows freedom of movement for your hands without restriction. Due to the flexible use and countless storage space – for the complete combo and more, this backpack is perfect for the next trip. The main compartment of the drone backpack can be opened completely and is equipped with a fine-pored hard foam inlay, which is adapted to the FPV Racing drone and the associated equipment.

The robust backpacks are made of polyester and coated with PVC, which makes them particularly durable and weatherproof. Accordingly, this backpack is water repellent, but not completely waterproof. The backpacks are particularly characterized by their large amount of space and are attributed to the “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment” (called MOLLE system) by the daisy chains generously attached to the front. This allows you to attach even more additional pockets and holding systems for water bottle, sleeping bag, signal light or other hiking equipment. The unisex drone backpack offers due to its compact but considerable storage space size a wide range of uses in addition to the drone transport. Thus, in addition to the foam inlay in the main compartment, the 2nd main compartment can also be filled with all sorts of useful utensils. In addition, the two practical front pockets also come. The aforementioned compartments are all equipped with secure 2-way zippers and some with organizers, mesh pockets and loops for keys, pens, carabiners or similar. The backpack’s back, as well as the removable waist strap and adjustable shoulder straps, are ergonomically designed with padding and breathability, making them suitable for longer trips. The volume control and luggage fixations by the side compression straps round off the overall concept.

With the high-quality processed inlays made of fine-pored PE rigid foam, expensive drone equipment always remains maximally protected, neatly stowed and ready for transport at any time! The shell of the Outdoor cases is made of impact-resistant polypropylene, meets the military standard and guarantees safe transport via car, plane or train. Nato markings STANAG 4280 – DEF STAN 81-41 make these cases suitable for a wide range of applications such as photography, outdoor sports, military, special operations, broadcasting, the manufacturing industry in general and all those sectors where exceptional resistance to shock and atmospheric agents is required. The Outdoor Case is rated for a temperature range of -30°C to +90°C (-22°F to 194°F) and meets the strict IP67 standard, making it 100% dust, air and waterproof. A completely shatterproof hard case which is equipped with secure, two-stage double throw latches and eyelets for padlock attachment and a carrying strap. The sturdy hinge runs the entire length of the case, making it exceptionally strong. Pins made of high-quality nylon and fiberglass guarantee corrosion protection on top of that. Due to a fully automatic pressure equalization valve, the hard case is also suitable for air transport. For a soft carrying comfort, the ergonomic soft handle.

We offer top quality (no Asia import) at an unbeatable price / performance ratio. All transport and protective cases are suitable for industrial use. You have the choice of different colors as well as with self-configurable, multilayer cube foam. We are also happy to manufacture individual hard foam inserts that are precisely adapted to your product.

XT505 H280 DJI FPV Premium RTF Outdoor Case

1x DJI FPV „Ready To Fly“ inkl. Akku mit/ohne montierte Propeller, Querstreben und original Gimbalschutz,
5x Universalfach für kleineres Zubehör wie Werkzeug, Propeller, Kabel, uvm.
1x DJI FPV Fernsteuerung 2,
1x DJI FPV Goggles V2 mit montierten Antennen,
1x Goggles Akku (gesamt 2 Akkus),
4x Drohnen Akku (+1 in der Drohne = gesamt 5 Akkus),
1x Universalfach,
5x kleine Fächer für Kabel, Ersatzantennen, o.ä.
1x großes Universalfach passend für ein iPad Pro 11“,
1x DJI Motion Controller,
1x Goggles Akku (gesamt 2 Akkus),
1x großes Fach für „Akkus aufladen im Koffer“-Funktion passend für:
2x DJI FPV 3-fach Ladehub inkl. 3 Flugakkus,
2x DJI FPV Netzteil und Kabel
DJI FPV RTF Outdoor Rucksack

1x DJI FPV „Ready To Fly“ inkl. Akku mit/ohne montierte Propeller, original Gimbalschutz und mit/ohne Schutzstreben,
1x DJI FPV Fernsteuerung 2 (mit montierten Sticks),
4x Flugakku (+1 in der Drohne = gesamt 5 Flugakkus),
1x DJI FPV Goggles V2 mit montierten Antennen,
2x Goggles Akku,
4x Universalfach für Zubehör wie Kabel, Werkzeug uvm.,
4x Direktausschnitt für Ersatzantenne (für VR Brille),
2x Direktausschnitt für SD-Karte/Adapter,
4x Direktausschnitt für Micro SD-Karte,
2x Direktausschnitt für Ersatzsteuersticks (für Fernsteuerung),
Weiteres Equipment und Akkus können auch in den übrigen Rucksacktaschen verstaut werden
XT430 und XT505 DJI FPV Multiflex Outdoor Case

Die flexible Inneneinteilung besteht aus einem Rahmen und mehreren Trennwänden aus gepolstertem Nylon, die sich für jegliche Apparaturen eignen. Hier können variable Fächer unkompliziert, schnell und sicher an das Transportgut angepasst werden. Die Trennwände werden ganz einfach via Klettverschluss fixiert und können somit in jede erdenkliche Position gebracht werden. Der Deckel ist mit einem Noppenschaumstoff ausgestattet und schützt die Ausrüstung zusätzlich bei Aufbewahrung und Transport.

100% water-, dust- and airproof warranted by IP67.

XTREME durability and solid construction makes it appropriate to all challenging situations.

High-quality inlay made of fine-pored PE rigid foam with exclusive surface sealing - also available in multifunctional backpacks

Outdoor backpack optionally also with a practical rain cover for maximum protection in wind and weather

Large suitcase sizes are also available as trolleys with permanently integrated castors and pull-out handles

Additional protection through foam in the lid / optionally also with organizer pockets

Hinge joints through the entire case length give enormous stability

Designed for flush stacking

Secure double-back locks to install padlocks.

Transportable by plane due to automated equalising valve.

Optional padded carrying strap

Available with an inlay made from multilayered, flexible cube foam material for individual needs

Due to excellent, high quaility manufacturing standards our products are designed for continuous use

Proven quality by TOMcase comes with a lifelong warranty on the case (excluding inlay).

TypeExternal dimensionsWeightCase | Inlay colourImages
XT505 H280 Premium RTF Outdoor Case
555 x 428 x 326 mm6,0 kgblack | red-black
RTF Outdoor Backpack
300 x 500 x 320 mm1,25 kgblack | red-black
XT430 Multiflex M Outdoor Case
464 x 366 x 176 mm2,8 kgblack | black
orange | black
sahara | black
XT505 Multiflex L Outdoor Case
555 x 428 x 211 mm4,0 kgblack | black
orange | black
sahara | black


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