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Matrice 200/210 RTK

Matrice 300 RTK

Transport case Matrice 200/210 rtk Drone


for DJI Matrice 200 / 210 RTK and plenty of accessories

  • Waterproof outdoor trolley case made by SKB with a multifunctional inlay

  • High quality rigid foam with fine pours, precisely cutted indentation for a maximum protection during transport and whilst being stored.

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SKB drone case for DJI Matrice 200 V2 / 210 V2 RTK

For the drone cases for DJI Matrice 200 / 210 RTK we developed an inlay design which is useful and efficient in one go. The indentations offer a lot of room in the compact drone case and the M200 / 210 RTK has room whilst being mounted with camera and landing gear. Moreover up to 14 rechargeable batteries (with Top Protector 16 rechargeable batteries) and further equipment fit into the case.
Proofed by IP67 Certificate this case is 100% waterproof, dustproof, airtight, buoyant and absolutely shock-resistant even during extremely high liability. Widely adjusted borders and heavy duty handles protect the high value Matrice 200/210 RTK even whilst being transported through rough terrain. The case is equipped with an equalising valve for being opened easily after a flight or crossing mountains. The case can be opened and closed easily by patented „Trigger Release“ Locking Latch System. The locking straps are made of stainless steel.
Locks accepted by TSA – Transport Security Administration – for traveling to USA can be refitted.

Now available with Top Protector for covering the drone with additional room for rechargeable batteries and accessories. Thereby your drone is protected even whilst being transported in risky circumstances.

High quality rigid foam with fine pours protects your expensive equipment. It remains fairly stored and transportable at all times.
Closest to our heart is „Custom made“ perfection. That is why we combine the high quality of workmanship made in our own region (no import from Asia), with value for money and an efficient delivery service. You choose from different colours and flexible, multilayered foam inset.
We would love to produce individual inlays well adapted for your product.

Matrice 200 / 210 SKB Trolley Case

1x DJI Matrice 200 V2 / 210 V2 RTK with mounted cameras (Zenmuse X4S / X5S / Z30, XT) and with mounted landing gear,
12x DJI TB50 or TB55 intelligent rechargeable batteries + 2x rechargeable batteries in Matrice 200/210 (overall 14 rechargeable batteries),
2x 4-times loading stroke,
2x charger incl. cable,
1x big compartement for X4S / X5S / Z30 camera box or further rechargeable batteries or RTK Groundmodul,
1x small compartement for additional equipment,
2x telecontrol Cendence with RTK Datalink and antennas with used CrystalSky 7,85“ Monitor,
1x Tablet up to 10.2" or further papers,
12x spare propeller,
2x inlays to balance different camera heights,
1x napped foam to protect the camera / gimbal,
NEW with Top Protector: additional foam to store the multicopter with many compartements for 2 rechargeable batteries and countless accessories.

Professional case with precise cutted inlay from high quality rigid foam with fine pours with sealed surface covering (exclusively available at TOMCase) suitable for drone and equipment.

100% water-, dust- and airproof warranted by IP67.

XTREME durability and solid and appropriate to challenging situations.

Extensively tested (vibrations, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and shock resistance) and certified by „Militärbehörde für Standardisierungen“ with STANAG 4280 DEF-STAN 81-41

Stable frame joints over the entire case length

Enabled for flush stacking

Secure locks and loops to install padlocks.

Transportable by plane by automated equalising valve.

Optional with padded carrying strap

Available with an inlay made from multilayered, flexible cube foam material for individual needs

Due to excellent, high value manufacturing standards our products are designed for permanent use.

Proven quality by TOMcase with lifelong warranty given on the case (without inlay).

TypeExternal dimensionsExternal dimensionsColour cases and inlaysPicture
Top Protector SKB Case
DJI Matrice 200 / 210 RTK
811 x 623 x 428 mm14,9 kgblack | black


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